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Buying home needs like groceries, fresh veges, fruits, meat and chicken is a pain, and calling the supermarket is not as convenient as it sounds, where you actually have to mention every specific detail about your grocery list in order not to receive the wrong product, or explain to the supermarket guy why you need Nutella instead of Moltobella! Or even you receive the order with replacement, wrong products or the seller decides that there is no need to send the product. It takes a lot of effort! We have got your back here. With mira, you won’t have to leave your couch to order home needs. Just upload your shopping list or pick the products you love directly from the app, and receive your order on the same day! We feel your pain, and we have the relief.

mira is designed to help busy people save the most valuable thing in their lives: time. When you save the few hours you spend thinking about your groceries and going to the supermarket, so you get to spend time with your loved ones. mira can do a lot for you, but here are the top features that you need right now in your life:

  • Choose any product you want from different categories: supermarket, pharmacy, stationery, snacks, meat and poultry, and receive them all in the same delivery.
  • Upload an image of your groceries list or a product image instead of putting them in the shopping cart yourself.
  • The app will remember your purchases so that you can add them to your cart next time you order.
  • Pay for your groceries cash or by credit card ONLY when they arrive at your doorstep.
  • Select your desired date and time of your delivery, with an extra option of receiving the order at the same day of ordering.
  • See similar products to the one you’re viewing.

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